reflectorsTo “reflect” is to give back.


This year, the Gowanus Alliance is calling all local businesses and residents to do just that by participating in a special fundraising activity for a chance to give back to the community as we reflect on the achievements of a remarkable organization whose work has truly transformed our neighborhood.  Since 1971, CHiPS have been supporting our community residents in need by organizing clothing drives, women’s shelters, and soup kitchens, feeding more than 200 people daily on many occasions!  Many lives continue to be blessed through their work today.


What is the project?


In the spirit of Gowanus manufacturing, the Gowanus Alliance is custom-making a Christmas tree out of reclaimed materials.  Unlike regular trees that require electricity to be seen, this one will be decorated with reflective ornaments, symbolic of the “giving back” that makes organizations like CHiPS possible.  The tree will be installed at the Triangle Three/Sixteen (Hamilton Avenue and 16th Street/3rd Avenue), making it perfectly poised to be lit 24/7 by the constant flood of vehicles at that intersection.  Official installation of the tree will take place on Friday, December 13 (time to be announced).


How do you participate?
Each reflector will represent your donation to CHiPS and will have the donor’s name, honoring your input into their good work.  Donations start at $20 per reflector, and of course are tax deductible.  If you choose to donate directly to CHiPS through their website or PayPal, please send us a confirmation so we can coordinate the labeling.  Or, confirm by stopping by the Gowanus Alliance office during work hours, where you can find out more about the project.


While you’re visiting us, please note that CHiPS also expressed a great need in warm clothing.  Particularly items such as socks, underwear, hats, scarfs, gloves, sweaters, sweat suits, hoodies, jackets for both men and women in various sizes are in very high demand.  The Gowanus Alliance will be holding a clothing drive until December 31st.  Please be mindful of the quality of the items you will be giving, as old, worn or used clothing cannot be accepted for donation.


The nature of reflection is to create a never-ending pattern.  The action of CHiPS organizers and volunteers who work tirelessly to help others is the reflection we wish to see replicated endlessly in the Gowanus.  Please join the efforts of our Gowanus community as we continue the pattern of giving.

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