Mission Statement


Mission Statement

To promote Manufacturing, Industrial, creative, entertainment business sector through advocacy, education, marketing and promotion in and around the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.

Advocacy – Direct government relations.  The alliance will meet        with elected officials and relevant city, state and federal agencies to improve the conditions and rules that the M.I.C.E sectors are required to operate under.


Education – bringing relevant government agencies and peer businesses to discuss opportunities, changing regulatory environment, and best practices.


Marketing – Utilizing a G2G trademark program to promote Gowanus made goods. Use of Social media to promote and inspire improvements to Quality of life issues affecting the existing business and existing residential community.


Networking – Organizing events for local businesses to share ideas, products, and opportunities through Co-operative exchanges. Job Fairs and  Job Training  listings for available  work opportunities within the community.


Promotion & Distribution – Utilizing the Go-on-us program and identifying opportunities for the organization and relevant Committees to launch trade shows, events, trade missions or conferences that elevate the status of Gowanus made goods.


Real Estate – Utilizing the connections to Real Estate & Development Committees to find and create affordable space for growing businesses.


Community stewardship – The active sponsorship of local parks in co-operation with city and other not-for-profit community organizations for the improvement of public spaces.


Community Dialogue – Taking an active role in community meetings to discuss issues affecting the existing, active manufacturing community, with an objection to protect and create affordable space for the growing manufacturing, artisanal, creative, entertainment uses that currently find Gowanus an attractive HUB for mixed uses.

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